poligrafia sitodruk nadruk na opakowaniach metodą sitodruku i hot stapmigu sitodruk poligrafia zdobienie opakowań kosmetyków
sitodruk hot stamping piaseczno warszawa zaklad poligraficzny

Our basic offer

  • Direct screen printing on oval, flat and cylindrical plastic, glass and aluminium bottles.
  • Direct screen printing on oval, flat and cylindrical containers and jars made of glass, plastic and aluminium.
  • Hot stamping:
  • Stroke hot foil stamping procedure
  • Circumferential hot foil stamping procedure (rolling-on of cylindrical objects beneath a flat heating head)
  • Hot foil stamping with inflation of parts (with high-quality precision bottle stamping moulds)
  • Hot stamping on glass
  • Moreover:
  • We use 100% UV-curing inks
  • We guarantee high quality and promptness.
  • As a partner of companies following general principles of ISO, we follow particular procedures (quality control etc.)
  • We use only materials of the highest quality by: ENCRES DUBUIT®, MARABU®, SERICOL®, LEONHARD KURZ®, SAATI®.


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sitodruk poligrafia hot stamping zdobienie opakowan szkanych i z tworzyw sztucznych