poligrafia sitodruk nadruk na opakowaniach metodą sitodruku i hot stapmigu sitodruk poligrafia zdobienie opakowań kosmetyków
sitodruk hot stamping piaseczno warszawa zaklad poligraficzny

About Us

Our company deals mainly with decorating plastic and glass containers using the technique of screen printing and hot stamping. We have specialised in it since 1984.

We employ a team of qualified workers, offering all their skills and committal at the client's disposal.

Our company is located 20km off the center of Warsaw, in Piaseczno, in the area of 800 m2. Good access for trucks is available.

sitodruk poligrafia hot stamping - zakład poligraficzny piaseczno warszawa

Our core customers are mainly cosmetics producers but also producers of containers, parapharmaceutics and chemical industry articles.

View the results of our work at the websites of some of our customers: www.drirenaeris.pl, www.dermika.com.pl, www.floslek.com.pl, www.dax.com.pl, www.norel.pl, www.nepentes.pl, www.bies.com.pl, www.dramers.com.pl.


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sitodruk poligrafia hot stamping zdobienie opakowan szkanych i z tworzyw sztucznych